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Производство оборудования и технологии

Application of 2-D Model in Horizontal Wells

In a horizontal well or horizontal drainhole. the inclination angle reaches 90° through the reservoir section. Two common profiles of a horizontal well are shown in Fig. 4.15.

In a typical horizontal well as shown in Fig. 4.15(a), two buildup sections, a slant section and a horizontal section are used to achieve the inclination of 90°. In the second type (see Fig. 4.15(b)), the well profile consists of a rapid buildup section and a horizontal section. Typical buildup rates used are presented in Fig. 4.16.

Equations 4.30, 4.32 and 4.33 can be used to calculate the drag-associated ten­sional load for both upper and lower buildup sections of type one and the buildup
section of type two well profile. Equation 4.35 can be used for the slant part of the buildup section of the type one well profile and it can also be used to determine the tensional load on the casing in the horizontal section (c^ = 90°) of both well profiles.




(a) (b)

Fig. 4.15: Typical profiles of horizontal well and horizontal drainhole.

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