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Производство оборудования и технологии

Challenges in Cellulosic Ethanol

The cellulosic ethanol industry has reached the commercial deploy­ment phase as evident from the number of plants listed in Table 17.6. However, high capitol risks, OPEC-induced price distortions, con­strained blending markets, and policy uncertainties can still impose a slowing down effect on the industry. Then on the other hand, there are technological challenges also. In spite of tremendous progress made in cellulosic ethanol technologies in the last 20 years, there are still certain deficiencies in all pathways to cellulosic ethanol. These weaker areas need further research in advancing efficien­cies, or discoveries in new or alternative techniques, that may help in lowering the MESP. Tremendous focus is essential in develop­ing a detailed understanding of lignocellulose, the main structural material in plants. These explorations are needed in the directions of cellulose synthesis, fibril formation to mature plant cell wall architectures, forming a foundation for significant advancement in sustainable energy materials. Improvements in biomass character­ization techniques and, understanding and overcoming the barri­ers for enzymatic hydrolysis of different raw materials is essential for the development of economically competitive processes based on enzymatic methods.

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