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Производство оборудования и технологии

European Fuel Grade Ethanol Standard prEN 15376

Standardization issues of transport fuels are covered by the Technical Committee number 19 (CEN/TC19) "Gaseous and Liquid Fuels, Lubricants and Related Products of Petroleum, Synthetic and Biological Origin." The scope of CEN/TC19 is defined as, "stan­dardization of methods of sampling, analysis, testing, terminology and specifications and classifications for petroleum related prod­ucts, fuels, lubricants and hydraulic fluids, that origin from min­eral oil and biomass; including the standardization of gaseous and liquid fuels and bio-fuels for transport and stationary applications. The standards include those for characterizing the product quality and quality monitoring system for automotive fuels."

This committee was formulated with the aim to "elaborate speci­fication standards for automotive bio-fuels in relation to Directive 98/70/EC and revision 2003/17/EC." The technical committee also has set up a new coordination group with the task of advising the technical committee on the feasibility and time frames of prom­ising alternative liquid and gaseous fuels for transport. This com­mittee has formulated the standards for fuel grade ethanol used as a blending component for petrol (gasoline) and is commonly known as prEN 15376. Current European fuel grade ethanol stan­dard prEN 15376 is shown in Table 16.5.

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