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Производство оборудования и технологии

Economic evaluation

3.3.1 Capital investment

The initial investment, shown in Table 4.3, was 6 2131700 equivalent to US$ 16918 or 423 US$/kW. Note that the engine and generator were used and renovated.

An extension of the power line of 150 m to family homes is also included.

3.3.2 Operation and maintenance costs

The person responsible for operation and maintenance of the gas producer equipment receives a monthly salary of 6 70000. His basic pay is 6 60000 and he receives an additional 6 10000 to watch and stop the machine at night while electricity is supplied to family homes until 22.00 hours. Taking 25 work-days a month as the base, the daily wage is 6 2800.

Net operating and — maintenance time on the gas producer and electric generator engine group corresponds to a half day’s work of the operator, the other half being spent on maintenance tasks elsewhere in the mill. Therefore, only 50% of the mechanic’s salary, or 6 1400 per day, is allocated to the gas producer and electric generator group.

Cost of lubricants is about 6 0.84/kWh or 0.0067 US$/kWh.

Spare parts for the engine and gasifier system have an average cost of 6 174424 annually or 13 percent of the basic investment cost of the equipment (6 1352100).

Note = 1 US$ = 126 6(1982)

Table 4.3 Capital Investment for the electricity generation unit at the Sapire mill




Land (1UU m2 at 100 ti/m*)



Civil Enqineerinq Works

A 50 m2 ceiling with iron columns, No. 26 sheet-zinc root and cement floor 15 cm ihick reinforced with 4.2 mm iron bars at G 4000 per m2



.42 m2 brick wall 0.30 m thick at G 1300 m2, 4 m reinforced concrete for installation, of engine platform



Electric generator and gasifier at G 20000 m



Electric Installations

Electric installations and panel. Feeding outlets and 150 m extension line to family homes.



Machinery and Equipment

40 HP Deutz engine and 40 kW A. E.G. electric generator 560000


Wood gasitier with accessories (gas cooler, filter, piping, etc.) 792100


iTransport and Insurance Costs i 45000


Assembly and Testing Costs 1| 250000


[Total Investment ‘І2131700


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