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Производство оборудования и технологии

Wood gas filter

The gasifier has a cylindrical filter 2650 mm high by 800 mm diameter. The cylinder is filled with pieces of softwood 35 x 8 x 7 cm in size, reaching to the top of the gas outlet to the engine (see Figure 4.3). The large volume and large surface area of the filter provide an effective cooling system for the gas which is fed to the engine at about 45 C.

Figure 4.3 The gas filter. (Filter material: pieces of softwood)


The construction of the filter is simple and practical and ensures a long working life, the filter material being changed every two years of operation.

4.1.2 Engine and electric generator

The generator and engine group consists of used equipment which has been completely renovated. The engine is a one-cylinder "Deutz" rated at 90 HP at 150 rpm. Because of its slow action and extreme sturdiness it has an estimated working life of 40 years. The generator, manufactured by AEG, is rated at 40 kW at a speed of 1500 rpm.

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